Founding a business could be both a rewarding and a daunting enterprise. Resources are limited. Time is of the essence. You want to get your idea out, test it, improve it and keep doing it as many cycles as possible until you get it right before you run out of money. We understand those challenges because we have helped many business to launch their businesses successfully.


Technology should be a tool for your business. It should enable you to reach your customers with an innovative solution or service. It should help you solve a problem and not become a problem itself. Hiring inexpensive people with the hope that they will end up building something great is not realistic. Lack of organization, inexperience with the tools, and nonexistent reusability principles will seriously undermine your chances of success.

Our integral solution at znerg is called g-start. Our team discusses the business with its founders and evaluate different ways to transform the business concept into a reality. Using all our products and solutions as tools, we develop a plan of execution to discuss.

The agreed-upon solution will involve the following:

  • Zero cost for any of our products
  • Extremely low rates
  • A team fully dedicated to your project

In exchange of that, znerg will take part of the equity of the new business.
We are confident that our products and experience combined with your business concept will greatly increase your chances of success, and that is why we invest in it.

We know that not every start-up will be successful; that is part of doing business. Nevertheless, we feel the need and obligation to help other businesses reach their dreams as we do it every day.