IT Consulting

You know what you want to do, but don't really know where to start? Your IT team doesn't fully have the competencies and skills needed to turn a project into a reality? You don't have it clear what available options you have in terms of architecture? All these questions make complete sense.

You are the expert in your business core domain, but let us at znerg, who are experts in IT, help you answer all these questions and provide you the best options based on our many years of first-hand experience.

Embedded deep in our cultural DNA is our commitment to be at the top of our industry. Each solution that we create for our customers is put into perspective and consolidated into our knowledge base. We don't regard each project in isolation. We reuse every component, package, library, and experience that we have gathered to produce the best possible solution. Because of this mission and vision, our solutions are more solid and easier to maintain and expand than our competitors.

Some of the areas where we can assist you include

  • Business modeling
  • Business process optimization
  • Software architecture
  • Mobile applications (Android and iOS)
  • E-commerce
  • API development
  • Project management
  • Branding and UI/UX design
  • Software development
  • Software implementation and configuration
  • Content management systems
  • System integration

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Server Configuration

Every solution based on a piece of software requires a place to run on: a server. A virtual server, a hosting service, and a server on the client's premises are the different options available for hosting applications.

During the development process, mistakes can be made. But in production environments, even a small mistake can be irreversible. Experience is key here to avoid risking your business's success. At znerg we have experts that will protect your data, including your IP, and make sure your app is up and running with minimal downtime.

Some of the services we are experienced in are

  • Configuration of cloud hosting services (Amazon Web Services, Azure, DigitalOcean)
  • Virtual server configuration
  • HTTPS & SSL certificate configuration
  • Database installation
  • Firewall and proxy configuration
  • Backup and recovery

Security & Penetration Tests

Security will be one of the major areas of development in the next few years. With such an enormous amount of transactions, personal information, and knowledge being shared and used over the Internet, the probability increases that every vulnerability will be taken advantage of by troublemakers to damage and destroy businesses.

Standards, procedures, and rules are all fundamental to making sure your app is safe from unwanted people. We prepare your application and its environment for the production environment. Some things are obvious, like passwords and directory permissions. Some are hidden from most people, and only experts know what to do. Here is where znerg provides you all the relevant knowledge to give you peace of mind.

Some of the services we provide regarding security include

  • Penetration tests
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Perimeter security analysis
  • Configuration of firewall proxy servers
  • Firewall bridge
  • Virtual private network
  • Security monitoring and administration

Managed IT Services

Investing in IT can be frustrating. You hire employees to implement all your IT strategies. But the problem is your core business is anything but IT. So no wonder the results of those people you hired can be unpredictable. At first you'll think everything is all right. But the truth is there's no way your business will become an expert on IT. Focusing on IT may even be dangerous as you may be distracted from yourcore business.

Your business can burn thousands of dollars by not delivering on the planned dates, by redoing applications with a poor foundation, or by shutting down projects because of never-ending problems.

Hire an expert. Work with us so we can share all our experiences that will not only save you money but most importantly give you the chance to deliver your strategy on time and create the impact you envision.

As an IT company, we eat, breathe, and dream IT solutions. At znerg we invest 20% of our revenue in improving our processes, our packages, and the way we do business. This is not marketing fluff. Each of our team members actually spends an average of 8 hours a week on thinking of ways to improve everything he or she does in our business. That is really the only way to be ahead in our industry and to provide the best service available to our customers.

Here are some of the things that you can count on us to do for you:

  • Project management
  • IT strategy
  • Application infrastructure
  • Software development processes