We are a team of perfection seekers, in constant search of ways to improve our work, processes, products and services. Everyone at znerg shares the same passion, the same dream of building something meaningful and of great value to our customers. Ultimately, we want our customers to say Wow!

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Eduardo created his first piece of software at 12. The connection was instant. From then on, he has never stopped learning new ways to create innovative solutions that generate great value to customers.



Mr. Miyagi, Miki certainly shares a lot of things with the movie character we all remember. Knowledgeable, inspiring, and precise, Miki is a true master of visual design and communication.


We started operations in the middle of the year, focusing our work on custom software development. Clients from New Zealand, Mexico, and Sweden trusted in znerg for their IT needs. The foundation for code reusability was laid down.
A big year for znerg. We grew by over 250% through our strategy of creating packages and adopting code reusability. g-api was released, solving many of the problems our customers faced when sharing business logic between a desktop and a mobile app. Then g-web came along to significantly reduce the time spent on implementing common functionality related to the front-end. Before the year was over, g-mobile was completed. Because it is based on the Ionic framework, it allowed us to deploy to iOS and Android platforms with a single effort.
At the start of the year we released g-templates to fix the common problems found in using templates. Through this product, znerg can implement solutions in much shorter time without sacrificing quality or flexibility.

This is your opportunity for success. advancement. progress.

Do you share the crazy urge we at znerg have to create solutions to wow our customers? Well, then, come and join us in this fantastic journey where you can learn, teach, and lead while testing how far you can go. We are 100% sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at whats in store for you here.