The world is changing so rapidly that standing still in your business is not an option. Every week a new way of doing services is created, and competition is always out there waiting for you to open a gap. At znerg we can implement all your IT strategies by building innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly with all your current systems, ERP, CRM, APIs, etc.


Our many years of experience in helping large and medium-size companies at implementing IT solutions has allowed us to develop a BPM solution that can model workflows for each process in the business and integrate them with current applications.

Our solution is based on our API product, g-api. That makes the business logic easily accessible to any external system. We can even use webhooks to achieve complete integration.

We have experience in logistics, sales, procurement, human resources, inventory, and business intelligence, among other areas.

Stand-alone applications, check. ERP integration, check. Cloud Solutions, check. Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your enterprise application goals.